Different Life Circumstances

Dear Professor Snape,

Though I’m sure you’ll scoff at me for asking you to dwell in the past, suppose the Dark Lord had been defeated in truth all those years ago in Godric’s Hollow. That would have left you free to pursue a life free of the perils of a double agent, free from having to perform Occlumency at every waking moment, able to express your emotions if you saw fit. If that had been the case, how might your life have been different? Where do you think you would be now?


Inquisitive Slytherin

Dear Inquisitive Slytherin,

A very wise professor once said, “It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.”

Having said that, I will now say this. I had all too well realized my misplaced trust. I would still have pursued teaching at Hogwarts. I would still have excelled in Occlumency as there are many aspects of my past I would rather keep private, even removed from my own recollection.

I can answer your last question very simply. Alive.

Prof. Snape.