Dear Ronald Weasley,

I am so happy to finally find the time to write you.

I have always wondered how did you feel when Ginny had a crush on Harry and he didn’t feel the same.


Dear Firewhiskey,

It’s great to know that you return my feelings! I love you too, firewhiskey!

Ginny had fancied Harry since she was ten. We were kids – I didn’t care about my sister’s social life. For most of that time, she was just really bloody annoying. I got tired of her asking constant questions about Harry in every letter and when I came home for holidays and it only got worse once she got to Hogwarts. One time I got so fed up that I told her that Harry said she looked like a ginger horklump and she didn’t come out of her room until Mum made me apologise. As she got older, she didn’t bother me as much. She found other girls to giggle with, poor things. It would have been weird if Harry fancied my sister, so I was relieved that he didn’t feel the same. Fifth year was a nightmare though. I couldn’t well avoid Ginny anymore, what with the D.A. and all. Harry had his sordid affair with Cho, and Ginny was finally getting over Harry. I thought that would make things better, but Merlin was I wrong…