Friendly Gryffindor

Dear Professor Sprout,

Regards. One of my close friends, who is a Hufflepuff, performed extremely well in the tests. All students have been asking her how she managed, and all of them are envious. She is tired of all those questions, knowing that no one really congratulates her without secretly wishing she had not done well. Personally, I feel lucky to not be in her place( seeing that i failed; but that’s a different story) but I really feel bad for her. She is always frustrated. Is there any way I can help her?


Friendly Gryffindor.

Dear Friendly Gryffindor,

Alas, it is a cross us Hufflepuffs have to bear, for no one believes we can perform well in tests, or that some of us are as intelligent as Ravenclaws. They seem to forget that good resuts are not gained purely by brains but by hard work!I do have an idea that may profit you both. If you ask her to tutor you, then not only will she feel reassured that you believe she is intelligent, but you will gain from her help and hopefully next time you will not fail anything.

Professor P. Sprout