Frustrated Gryffindor

Dear Professor Snape,

I admire your loyalty and efforts as a professor and spy. i have a question about my lazy teacher: What do I do if a teacher is being lazy and won’t help or answer any of my questions? What if they are only teaching because its their job? Who can I go to for help?

Frustrated Gryffindor

Dear Frustrated Gryffindor,

Simply not answering your questions does not make a teacher lazy. Perhaps they have instructed you to find the answer in your textbook. Many teachers point students towards the answer in the hope that they will make the efforts to truly find it.

Do not simply tell your professor that you don’t know the answer. Show them how you have tried to find it. Anyone can say “I don’t know”.

Only after you have exhausted every means of communication should you attempt to go their superiors, but be prepared. Merely saying you’ve been treated unfairly isn’t enough. Not even if you are the chosen one.

Professor Snape.