Future Mischief Maker

Dear Peeves

My question to you is which trouble makers were ur favorite ?

  1. The Marauders
  2.         or…

  3. The Weasley Twins


Future Mischief Maker

Dearest Future Mischief Maker,

Moony, Padfoot, Wormtail, and Prongs
Deserve to be the subject of songs
But those devilish gingers, with smiles so innocent
Warm my wee heart when they aim for mischief.

The Weasley twins, I must say
Have really impressed me from the very first day
I’d like to think I helped them along
Teached them my tricks, ne’er steered them wrong.

For those who know their history
My adoration is plain to see.
For only the Bloody Baron did I obey.
Until that glorious, explosive day…

I shall never forget the Old Toad’s face
When Fred and George blew up the place.
The halls of Hogwarts have never seen
Such genius, such wit, such a splendid scene!

Tis why I saluted them as they flew away
And did exactly as they decreed…
I gave Old Toad Face hell, indeed!