Muggles give Hogwarts professors their grade

Each professor at Hogwarts has developed a distinctive reputation within the student body, such as Severus Snape’s bitter unfairness (except to his own house), Minerva McGonagall’s just, though sometimes strict teaching style, and Professor Binns’ extraordinarily dull lessons. The Hogwarts teachers hold their reputations within the Muggle world as well, prompting Rate My to allow Muggles to create reviews for the professors and grade them in the categories of helpfulness, clarity, easiness, and even hotness. In addition to the individual ratings, certain professors have been given special awards, including Professors who Give Easy “O’s”, Toughest Professors, and The Goblet of Fire Awards (for fittest professors). In the category for Best Professors to Prepare for O.W.L. Exams, it should not come as a shock to see that none other than Remus Lupin had the highest overall rating of 4.8 out of 5. Next are Minerva McGonagall and Neville Longbottom (tied with 4.6), followed by Pomona Sprout (4.5), and then Albus Dumbledore (4.0). You can see how other professors fared and add your own rating right here. Who is your all-time favourite Hogwarts professor? Whose lessons would you dread the most?