Our Dear Hogwarts… letter of the week: A Proud Slytherin

Our latest section of ‘Dear Hogwarts…’ has had a fantastic appeal to many fans, and each week we will feature one special letter that we received within the Ministry of Magic Postal Service.

This week’s letter comes to us from a proud Slytherin who asked:

Dear Professor Snape,

I have been sorted into Slytherin, and I am very proud of this fact. I would like to become the very best witch I can. However, people keep saying that all Slytherin’s are evil, and there is no use trying to be different. I can’t believe that’s true! Everyone knows that you were a great Slytherin who did great good, and there must be more. Why is it that only the ignoble and bad Slytherins are remembered, while only the good Gryffindors are?

Proud Slytherin

Professor Snape replies with his thoughts on the subject and you can read it RIGHT HERE!  Look under Professor Snape on August 9, 2013.

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