Real estate listing values the Burrow; puts it up for sale

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Real estate website Movoto has just published a listing for the Weasley’s home on their blog. The site determined the value of the house by finding comparable properties near the house’s location in Devon, England. They determined from the context of the Harry Potter book series by J.K. Rowling that the Burrow, which contains six bedrooms and an attic, would measure approximately 1,467 square feet. With the closest comparable property worth $450 per sq ft, that would make the Burrow approximately worth an incredible $660,150 (which is roughly equivalent to 89,816 Galleons)!

Check out the full size banner RIGHT HERE! Suppose with all the Weasley children married and living on their own, Molly and Arthur have the flexibility to move into their own smaller home, or perhaps live in an “in-law” suite at one of the kids homes.

Thanks to Travis for the heads up!

Would you purchase the Burrow? Which Potter location have you always dreamed of owning? Let us know in the comments!