Secret Malfoy

Dear Ron,

How are you, man?

First thing, you and Draco are my favourate.

My burning question is what you will do if Rose tells you she is in love with Scorpius and even he too proved that he is a kind heart man who will keep your baby safe and happy.

Will you bury all your past differences from Malfoy family and let both of them marry ?

Thanks & Regards,

Secret Malfoy

Dear Secret Malfoy (and I don’t blame you for keeping that a secret),

First thing, thank you! Always glad to meet a fan! But I’m sorry, I couldn’t understand the second half of that sentence. I think you made a mistake. Really sorry mate.

It was really hard to answer you because first I had to imagine a world where my daughter falls in love with a Malfoy, and that is not easy, believe me. Not the way I raised her. And then to think that any son of Draco could be “a kind heart man”, I just couldn’t stop laughing!

But really though, if I have to be an adult about it, like Hermione is always pestering me about, Rosie’s my pride and joy and if I learned anything from growing up with my family, it’s that a happy family is the best kind of family. And if Rose is really in love, and the bloke – even if it’s a Malfoy – can prove he’s good enough for her, I guess I don’t really have a choice, do I?

But let’s be honest, the idea that Malfoy is capable of raising a kid who’s half as good as my Rosie is pretty far-fetched. I mean, really.