Severine Prince

Dear Professor Snape,

Obviously, your enduring love for Lily Evans is one of your most incredible qualities, and your unflinching protection of her son perhaps your greatest triumph. The unfaltering commitment to the cause of the Order of the Phoenix, defense of Harry, and defeat of Lord Voldemort prove an outstanding tenacity and moral fiber. Although it is indeed extremely romantic that you did all of this for many long years in memoriam of your beloved Lily, do you think that without your love for her, you still would have grown as a person and become selfless and helpful enough to do this, or would you have remained a Death Eater? Would you say that your love for Lily definitely made you a better person?

As I am in Slytherin and greatly admire you, I am just wondering about the workings of your character and the motivation behind the valiant actions that are a testament to the goodness that can prevail even in the besmirched house of our great Slytherin.

With thanks,
Severine Prince

Dear Severine Prince,

There is no greater magic and no greater loss than love. All of the events of my life shaped me. I do not dwell on the man I was, nor the man I might have been. I am pleased with the man I am.

Good witches and wizards are, as I have said before, in every house. Slytherin may have held the most Death Eaters but that does not negate the many great wizards that have come from our house. Always remain try to yourself and your house.

Prof. Snape.