Studious Gryffindor Student

Dear Hermione,

I was sorted into Gryffindor not too long ago, and I’ve been made fun of by my fellow housemates for my study habits. I tend to answer every question asked in class and spend most of my time in the library. Although my marks are stellar, I’m feeling quite dejected and intellectually isolated. Snickers follow me in every class. I feel as though my peers don’t understand me at all. What should I do?

A Studious Gryffindor

Dear A Studious Gryffindor,

I understand your plight entirely! I was the same as you my first year. However, know that it becomes easier. Don’t try and dumb yourself down simply to fit in; instead, find friends who are willing to accept you for who you are. This may include students in other houses, students who are younger than you, and students who are older than you. You may also find your peers more willing to socialize and accept you if you spend a little more time in the common room. Yes, this can be distracting with all the noise, but you may find that as you spend more time around your peers, they will begin to accept you. You may also find that those that snicker and tease you will become your friends as they get to know you better, and they will be very grateful for your intelligence. It may save their life! Remember that my best friends (and future husband, one of them) once teased me and even called me a “nightmare”.

And remember that sometimes courage is have the strength to be yourself, even when it’s not popular.

Hermione Granger