The Cattermoles

Dear Harry Potter,

What happened to the Cattermoles? In DH Ron impersonates Reg Cattermole and we never find out if him and his family get out of the country without capture… What about the other Muggleborns that left with Harry? And what happened to Mafalda Hopkirk (The women Hermione was impersonating) and Albert Runcorn (impersonated by Harry)? Where they punished for the breach of security?


From the Desk of Harry Potter, Head Auror
Auror Office
Ministry of Magic

Dear Lani,

I received a letter from Mrs. Cattermole long after the Battle of Hogwarts was over, detailing her intense gratitude for having saved her family’s life. She also had a few choice words about my good friend Ron which I will not repeat for fear of indecency.

I have, over the years, received various letters from some of the other political prisoners who escaped alongside us that day, most of whom were thankful for my intervention, although I had a few angry howlers from those who insisted I only exacerbated their already perilous situations. My understanding is that many of them were able to blend into the crowd during the chaos of that day until the Floo exits were once again opened, but many were recaptured before they could escape.

Mafalda continues to enjoy her employment here at the Ministry (interestingly enough, she mentored Hermione in the laws surrounding the improper use of magic). From what Mafalda has told me, she was clever enough to evacuate the country for a time after she realized that something had gone wrong the day we hexed her.

Runcorn, on the other hand, was not quite as shrewd. Once he awoke, he waltzed into the Ministry (still missing most of his clothes, mind you), apparently under the assumption that he was the victim of a burglar, and was almost immediately thrown in Azkaban by his peers for what they deemed “pure incompetence.” Under Minister Kingsley’s management, no one saw fit to revoke that sentence.

All is well,