True Happiness

Dear Miss Lovegood,

What is the secret to true happiness? How do I find it? Where is it located?


Dear Oswin,

This is simple. True happiness comes from a nice bowl of pudding.

But if that doesn’t work for you then I suggest finding some kind of hobby or interest that you really enjoy. When you find that, partake in it daily, and I think then you will be happy. In other words, I think happiness comes from doing what you love or being with people you love. Explore options you’ve never considered before. You never know what you’ll be good at!

Happiness also comes from having a positive attitude. Ignore negativity when possible, or even stand up to it. I found that works pretty well.

But mostly, just have fun! Maybe ride a dragon or start reading your magazines upside down. Walk around blindfolded for a day or make up your own language. Call it Chickenish.

Good luck and best wishes!