Daniel Radcliffe talks finishing his own movie script

Daniel Radcliffe has been keeping himself busy with the recent films he’s been in. Those include Kill Your Darlings, Horns, and The F Word, each of which were up for awards at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival. With all of this going on, Daniel did an interview with POPSUGAR where he discussed finishing his own movie script as well as the differences between working on Potter and Kill Your Darlings. Read on!

Do you have plans to work in film outside of acting?

I have written a script. I’ve completed it; I don’t know if it’s any good, but it’s certainly nice to have finished something. That’s a huge achievement for me at this point. It’s a very, very dark comedy. There’s always themes I’m really interested in. They are themes that aren’t dissimilar to [Kill Your Darlings], about friendship and when a friendship becomes unhealthy and what you have to do to move on from that. But it’s a much more heightened scenario. It’s probably sh*t! But the point is, I’ve finished it, and the next thing I write won’t be!

Coming from an environment of huge film sets of Harry Potter, what’s refreshing about making smaller films?

Everything, absolutely. It’s a much better way of working, and it’s a much more creative way of working to have to go quickly rather than going slow. Twenty-four shooting days – I think that adds something to the film, and I think that adds a kind of vitality you need in a film about youth and about the Beat Generation.

What are some of the differences?

Really the only difference in doing big films as opposed to small films – they’re very superficial, the differences – they’re things like, ‘how long do you have the crane camera for’? On Potter, where I grew up, there were two crane cameras on set all the time, just because you might need one later! And I didn’t even realize that was weird or unusual. And we were recceing locations for this shoot, and I heard John (Krokidas, the director) say to our producer, “OK, so this is the day we’ll have the crane.” And I was like, ‘oh, we get one day with the crane, and we have to do all our crane stuff’.

You can read the full interview HERE. Daniel has written his own movie script? Sounds exciting! We love to see Potter stars branching out!

What do you think? Would you be interesting in reading that script? Do you think Daniel has the potential to write more interesting scripts? Let us know below!