Rose Patronus

Dear Hermione Granger,

I’ve always marveled at how well you stayed on top of your school work every day! I would really love some advise on how to study and learn as well as you do. For years I’ve always fell behind and didn’t understand what the teachers were talking about! Naturally I asked for help but still didn’t understand, again I will really appreciate some studying techniques. Hope to hear back from the best school girl ever!

Yours Truly,

Rose Patronous

Dear Rose Patronous,

The best advice I can give you on studying is to simply take the time! Harry and Ron often asked me how I remember so many things, and I was constantly reminding them that if they simply read a little bit, or actually tried to do their assignments (instead of copying off each other or trying to copy off of me), they would do much better! So make sure you are reading to understand theory, and practicing so you can perform well in practical exams. Also, don’t be afraid to talk to your professors! They really are there to help, and care about your learning (unless they are Umbridge, of course, but I doubt there are any teachers like that at Hogwarts anymore). I know that Professor Longbottom is particularly delighted to help his students.

Best of luck this school year!

Hermione Granger