The 10 magical creatures we most want to see in the “Fantastic Beasts” film

Earlier today, J.K. Rowling made our hearts really, really happy with the announcement that Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them will be adapted into a new film.

Basically, we’ve spent the entire day screaming, hyperventilating, crying, screaming some more, and then taking a dive back into the fictional textbook itself. In the Harry Potter universe, the textbook is authored by Newt Scamander, the ultimate magical creature expert. He will also be the focus of at least the first film in this new film series deal with Warner Brothers.

Immediately, we can start speculating on what might show up in the film, and in due time, we will hit just about everything we can think of. But we first want to start off with the topic that makes good ‘ole Newt famous in the first place – MAGICAL CREATURES!

We can almost bet that they will play a huge part in the film(s), and the Hogwarts textbook gives us a huge list of creatures that might show up on screen. I mean, there’re a LOT. But we narrowed the long list of creatures down a bit, and we’ve come up with the top 10 creatures we want to see in the Fantastic Beasts film. Since we know the film will show Newt in New York for at least part of the story, we focused on those creatures found in America, with a few exceptions.

1. Jobberknoll

The Jobberknoll is a tiny, blue speckled bird that eats insects. That’s not very interesting. What is interesting is that the creature makes no noise until its moment of death, upon which it releases a scream full of every noise it has ever heard, in reverse order.

Imagine something like THAT in a movie. It could sound both truly incredible and horrific. It’s like Priori Incantatem but with a bird. A tiny, screaming bird.

2. Dugbog

Taking the prize home for most odd-looking creature is the Dugbog. It looks like a dead piece of wood at first, but at a closer glance, it has finned paws and very sharp teeth. You know, like most pieces of wood.

It can both glide and slither through marshland, and it can bite human ankles! What a great way to introduce Dugbogs to Newt. For us, not for him. Also interesting: They love to dine on mandrakes. Anything to get those guys back on screen.

3. Clabbert

Clabberts live in trees and look like a cross between a monkey and a frog. I’m not sure which animal got the better bargain there. Its skin is smooth, hairless, and mottled green in color. While its hands are webbed, its arms and legs are long and supple, allowing it to swing between branches.

Oh, and its head has horns. The mouth is full of razor-sharp teeth, but the textbook assures us it “appears to be grinning,” so that’s encouraging. It also has a large pustule that lights up scarlet when it senses danger, so sometimes Muggles get confused and think they’ve found a Christmas tree.

4. Gnome

Okay, we know, gnomes are not new. We’ve seen them in earlier films.

First off, we still love them. Second off, we haven’t seen everything we know about them. Apparently, throwing them from a garden isn’t the only way to get rid of them. Though at times frowned upon, they can also be removed by using a Jarvey.

This would be great in the movie, though. Imagine our guy Newt trying to help a family out, and suddenly a contest emerges as to who can throw gnomes the farthest. We see you, Pottermore.

5. Jarvey

Jarveys, as mentioned, can get rid of gnomes. But what makes them so special? They just look like overgrown ferrets. Why in the world would we want to see them on film?

Umm, they can TALK.

While they apparently can’t converse like humans, they can spit off short, sometimes rude, phrases. Just imagine the on-screen level of sass that’s possible with these guys, especially when they get Newt into a verbal argument that probably no one will win.

6. Nogtail

These “demons” look like stunted piglets with long legs, thick tails, and narrow black eyes. So you know, demon pigs.

It really likes to attack farms. In fact, it sounds like a lot of creatures like to attack farms. The movie will be all about farms! All of the farms! Kidding. (Maybe?)

But a Nogtail could show a really awesome action scene since they are incredibly fast and difficult to catch, but apparently pure white dogs can chase them away from farms. So maybe Newt is the one who discovers this for the Ministry.

7. Re’em

The Re’em is a giant ox with golden hides and whose blood give the drinker incredible strength. So… what happens if a vampire sucks its blood? Is its strength like, quadrupled?

We think this could be cool because an antagonist Newt somehow faces might get ahold of a Re’em and its blood, and then things get really interesting.

8. Quintaped

Quintapeds like to eat humans. That always raises the stakes.

They have thick reddish-brown hair and five legs. Each leg ends in a clubfoot. So it’s like a spider with less legs… and really weird feet.

But we really want Newt to run into these guys because, as legend tells it, they actually started as humans. It has to do with these two families in fair Verona called the McCliverts and MacBoons who hate each other. The McCliverts attacked the MacBoons by turning them into these creatures, but the joke was on them because the hairy Quintaped MacBoons killed all the McCliverts.

Now they have descendants. Descendants who were originally humans. Who now like to eat humans. It’s like our very own twisted, magical soap opera. With indirect cannibalism.

9. Ashwinder

Fire is always awesome, and Ashwinders will bring fire to the big screen. They show up when a magical fire is left untended for too long. The pale-grey serpents have red-glowing eyes (creepy), and after they just pop out of the fire, they live just long enough to lay eggs.

If those eggs aren’t taken care of, things go boom really quickly. Talk about the potential for some really rad special effects.

10. Snidget

Before there were Snitches in Quidditch, there were Golden Snidgets. In their always evident showing of kindness to creatures, the magical community used the creatures as the object to catch in the sport. Eventually, they realized this wasn’t very nice for the poor Snidgets, and not to mention because it was on the verge of extinction, and the Snitch was created.

But what a cool way to link up Newt Scamander and Quidditch! Plus, Snidgets sound incredibly beautiful: a bird with a “very long, thin beak and glistening jewel-like red eyes.” They are extremely fast and can change direction very sharply because their wings are awesome and have rotational joints.

There it is: our top 10 creatures! What do you think of the list? What else would you include?

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Stick with MuggleNet as we continue to bring you the latest news on the upcoming film series and also as we try to have a little prediction fun with J.K. Rowling’s very first screenplay! We promise to make it as magical as possible.