Feelings Nothing More Than Feelings

Greetings to Mr Weasley,

I have a question for you that has been bothering me for a while now and I hope that you could answer me. It’s about the relationship between you and Hermione Granger.

Firstly, when was it when you found out about your feelings towards Mrs Weasley (Hermione Granger)? Was it anything positive? Secondly, why is it that you still dated Lavender Brown when you had feelings for Mrs Weasley?

I hope my questions were answerable.

May you have a nice day ahead, Sir.


Are you a House-Elf? Am I allowed to ask that?

Hermione’s got my head spinning with all these social rules! Anyway, my feelings for Hermione… The first time I ever actually said to myself, “Yeah, I fancy Hermione” was in the summer before our fifth year, while we were all camped at Grimmauld Place. We were all nervous and frustrated: Voldemort was back, and the Order was reporting day and night, but none of us knew what was going on. Mum had us working all day long, and there was always that blasted House-elf interfering — er, no offense — but I was always so much calmer when I got to work with Hermione. I felt good when I was around her, not when she was on my back about something or when we were having a row mind you, but other times. Yeah, that was the time I first realised it. We were just spending time together: no danger, no schoolwork, no going off somewhere because Harry had to do something important… Just me and Hermione. And Ginny, and George, and Fred, and Sirius, and — sorry. Was it anything positive? I liked a girl I was spending all summer with, of course it was positive! But was it always easy? That’s a different question.

Then we became Prefects. We got to spend loads of time together, but Hermione was always too busy, too responsible, too important. She’s brilliant, but she’s not one for being social, you know? And we still got into rows, she would say I wasn’t doing my duties, or my homework, or whatever I wasn’t doing right at that moment. She was sounding like my mum, and then when she started getting Ginny on her side… No thanks! So I started seeing Lavender. Hermione wasn’t going anywhere, and while she only liked me sometimes, Lavender liked me, well, all of the time. It was easy to be with Lav – she didn’t nag, for one. I was a sixth year, I didn’t want nagging, I wanted to have fun! I was on the Quidditch team! A bloke can like more than one girl, you know. Just ask Bill. Of course I still cared for Hermione, but she was a bit of a mess and it was so hard to keep up with what was bothering her that week. I didn’t mind having a break from that, if you know what I mean. But then the fun with Lavender got to be a little too much to handle, so that ended, and, well, you know the rest.

You have a… nice day ahead too, Miss — er — Sir — er… Mate?