MuggleNet Podcast Feature Day 2: “Hogwarts Radio”

Hogwarts Radio is the newest edition to MuggleNet’s podcast family but certainly not a new show. The show has been broadcasting worldwide since August 1, 2008, and just received its fifth overall nomination for the Podcast Awards. It has just over 142 episodes, an incredible panel, deep discussions, and wildly entertaining segments. The show currently has nine full-time hosts: Adam Bromberg, Kristen Keys, Jeanna Marie, Terrance Pinkston, Marissa Reynolds, Rebecca Schroeder, Eric Scull, Greyson Smith, and Mary Smith.

The idea for Hogwarts Radio was brought to life by lead host Terrance Pinkston, who had a passion for talking Potter and wanted to share it with the world. He quickly brought on five other people who shared that same passion for the series, and the show quickly amassed a following. Just two months after its creation, Hogwarts Radio was nominated for a 2008 Podcast Award in the Cultural/Arts category. Although the show didn’t win that year, Hogwarts Radio certainly garnered the attention of the podcasting community. In January 2009, the show partnered with HPANA, and since then they have done several live shows at conventions, hosted live events on Ustream, and even had Potter actors on the show. Hogwarts Radio was taken under the wing of MuggleNet and officially joined the site as MuggleNet’s general entertainment podcast in August 2013. Today, the show is the most followed Harry Potter podcast on Twitter.

Hogwarts Radio is committed to give you a weekly dose of Harry Potter in a fun, enjoyable, unscripted format that will always make you laugh! We cannot thank you enough for getting us this far, but we’re not done, yet. Voting opens in just a few days, and we really need your help in locking up our category, Best Produced. Remember, you can vote once a day EVERY DAY! Let’s show the world that Harry Potter fans still mean business!

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