“The Sweet Shop”, starring Matt Lewis, giveaway!

It’s time for another awesome MuggleNet giveaway! This time we are partnering with Vimeo to bring The Sweet Shop, starring Matthew Lewis, to your home – for free!

The Sweet Shop was filmed approximately two years ago but was delayed due to the untimely passing of the lead actor, Seb. It has been making the festival rounds this year and was recently an Official Selection at the 2013 London Film Festival. Matt plays “The Reporter,” an ambitious journalist who seeks to get the scoop on the lead character.

A fifteen-year-old boy from an English village leaves home to escape his abusive father, never finishing the latest song he’d been working on. Twelve years later, Jarvis Marshall is a famous rock star with a supermodel girlfriend. He has money, he has fame, and he’s returning to the village for the first time, racked with guilt over the recent death of his estranged mother. Once home, he finds comfort in the company of Katie Powell, the village beauty who runs the local Sweet Shop, as he tries to come to terms with his turbulent past and what seems an uncertain future. And he starts writing the song again. Dogged by a tenacious music journalist, can Jarvis and Katie find a way to just be together? Can Jarvis step off the fame merry-go-round long enough to find his feet in the real world? In the end, Jarvis has to find a way to finish the song, to come to terms with his guilt, and to make a new start if he hasn’t left it too late.

The movie is now exclusively on Vimeo on Demand, and we want you to watch it! Enter below to win one of TWENTY free codes to rent and watch the film. In the meantime, check out our review of the feature over on the MuggleNet blog.


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