Dame Maggie Smith wins Evening Standard’s Theatre Icon Award

Dame Maggie Smith was awarded the Theatre Icon Award at the 2013 Evening Standard Theatre Awards last week. The Evening Standard has been honoring outstanding achievements in London theater since 1955, and Maggie is only the latest in a line of distinguished recipients for the award.

When she took the stage to accept the honor Maggie’s acceptance speech surprised many:

I’m very sad because I haven’t done anything in theatre to justify this. I wish I had. Doing something on stage at the National the other night was extraordinary. I’d love to do more.

I would love to do more theatre work, but really, I don’t get any offers. I’m with my agent here, and I’m told I’m busy for the next year, but after that I would love to do more work on the stage – especially after winning this award. If you could help me put the word out, maybe that would help! Maybe you could put an advert in for me.

The performance at the National Smith mentioned refers to her part in the special event National Theatre: 50 Years on Stage in which she recently participated. I’m sure she’s not alone in wishing she could do more theater – many of her fans would love to watch her perform live!

You can read the original article here. Congratulations to Maggie on winning this impressive award!

Jessica J.

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