Daniel Radcliffe Talks Creative Process In New Interview

In a new interview with British magazine Shortlist, Daniel Radcliffe has opened up about his creative process when it comes to his writing vs. those of his character in Kill Your Darlings. Dan used the pseudonym Jacob Gershon to publish his own poetry as a teenager while working on Harry Potter, and stars as famed poet Allen Ginsberg in the Beat-Era film.

Speaking to Shortlist about his creative process, Daniel said,

I’ll have a naked dance like anyone, but sniffing glue and going mad is not part of my writing process. But I do sing a lot. I used to think I was very good [at poetry], but they’re not as good as I thought. There are about five of them I still look at, and think ‘That’s OK.’ You’ve just got to be your own version of rock’n’roll. Just be your f**king self. There is nothing less cool than pretending to be someone you’re not.

Daniel, who played The Boy Who Lived for a decade, also opened up about his attempts to re-create his image, although he said they had nothing to do with his experiences as The Chosen One.

At 20-years-old I was trying to be like ‘cool guy’. It’s nothing to do with Potter; it was just being 20 and being a d*ck. I think that’s bulls**t. I’m f**king not that guy. I’m nerdy: I like books and I like quiz shows and that’s just fine.

Kill Your Darlings had a limited American release in October, and is set to come to DVD in early 2014. The film will appear in Australian and UK cinemas in the first week of December 2013.