New trailer preview and poster from Emma Watson’s “Noah”

The first official footage from Noah has been released, teasing us with clips from the upcoming trailer. In the first preview, Noah, played by Russell Crowe, foretells the coming storm and declares his plan to build an arc to survive it.

The additional six-second clip gives us a glimpse of Emma Watson, who will play Noah’s adopted daughter, and Jennifer Connelly, who will play his wife.

Also newly released is the first poster from the film, which features Noah as seen from behind, looking out at stormy seas.


As previously reported, the film has faced some controversy from test audiences due to its portrayal of the biblical subject matter and resultingly caused a dispute between the director and studio. However, it is continuing to push forward.

Noah also stars Logan Lerman and Anthony Hopkins and is directed by Darren Aronofsky.

Catherine Lai

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