Alfonso Cuarón named GQ Visionary of the Year

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban director Alfonso Cuarón has been named GQ‘s Visionary of the Year after his work on blockbuster movie Gravity.

Describing what he calls “the pivotal moment” in Gravity where Sandra Bullock’s character sheds her space suit, Cuarón told GQ,

It was a moment in which she has to come out of her own bubble and metaphorically shed her skin. She gets out of that suit, and soon she’s in her primordial state. The film deals with rebirth, and this is the first hint of that… the first moment that it’s done visually, in a more explicit way. This is a character who’s been surrounded by death and on the verge of it, finally finds peace and repose.

Congratulations, Alfonso, on this well-deserved award!