All Those Spells

to the tune of “All That Jazz” from Chicago

Move you scum, I’m gonna curse you all
And all those spells

With a flick of my wand, I will make you fall
And all those spells

Swish and flick! I know the perfect hex
To kill mudbloods and break a million necks

With just a little wave
To make the Dark Lord rave
‘Bout all those spells

Don your robes and wear your hooded masks
And all those spells

Do whatever your master asks
And all those spells

Hold on hon, we’re gonna act like jerks
I got some shrunken heads down at Borgin and Burkes

In case you blast apart
And want a blacker heart
And all those spells

Oh, you’re gonna see us torture, steal, and kill
And all those spells

Oh, we’re gonna bite you ’til you look like Bill
And all those spells

Show them how evil you are
Oh, you’ll take the evil too far
If you use
You must abuse
Oh, All those spells

Find a wand we’re spilling lots of blood
And all those spells

Their veins are filled with dirty, dirty mud
And all those spells

Come on babe, we’re gonna make them cry
How I’d love to see the whole Order die!
‘Cause those blood traitors
Deserve nothing more
Than all those spells

Oh, you’re someone’s wife but
Oh, I’ll take your life
With all those spells!

Submitted by: Harley