Bark! The Bulldog, Ripper, Snarls

to the tune of “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing” by Charles Wesley

Bark! The Bulldog, Ripper, snarls,
“Deflate my poor, old Aunt Marge!”

She may be surly, meddling, and rude,
But she provides me with food!
If I could I’d beg on my knees;
Who will pay my high vet’s fees?
Harry please, I’m lost without her;
I’ll have to stay with Colonel Fubster!

Bark! The Bulldog, Ripper, snarls,
“Please deflate poor, old Aunt Marge!”

I know she made a big mistake,
But now she’s gone, my heart will break.
I will pine and feel despair,
She’s no good to me up there!
Please listen to man’s best friend;
Bring this suffering to an end!
I know you have cause to moan,
But I have problems of my own!

Bark The Bulldog, Ripper, calls,
“Stop her bouncing off the walls!”

“She’s a terror!” You may think,
But she was under the influence of drink.
While at home she’s very giving;
She’s the one that keeps me living.
In the mornings we go for walks;
And I’d miss her motherly talks.
The spell’s so bad it’s become a dog’s dinner;
So please stop and make her (a little) thinner!

Bark! The Bulldog, Ripper, cries,
“Bring down Aunt Marge from the skies!”

Submitted by: Marita