Dan, Emma, Rupert, and other “Potter” stars auction signed shoes for charity!

We posted just this morning about Emma Watson donating her Burberry heels to the Small Steps Shoe Auction, which supports the Small Steps Project. The UK-based charity provides emergency aid, shoes, and food to impoverished children and communities living in poverty around the world, as well as working to help the children in these communities get an education and the adults find jobs.

But Emma isn’t the only one pitching in to help this worthy cause! The other two members of our favorite trio, Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint, have also donated shoes to the charity, as well as fellow Potter stars Bonnie Wright, John Cleese, and Bill Nighy! Check out links to the auctions and images of the signed shoes below.


  • Emma’s shoes, at 660 GBP, are currently the most expensive of the Potter cast member shoes up for auction. Since Emma is a world-renowned fashion icon, this hardly comes as a surprise!


  • The auction for Daniel Radcliffe’s signed Diesal boots, which includes an autographed headshot, is currently at 311 GBP.


  • By contrast, at 102 GBP these Converse signed by Rupert Grint are practically a steal!


  • The competition for Bonnie Wright’s signed Converse is fierce, already having racked up 26 bidders and currently at 165 GBP.

Bill_Nighy_Shoes_Resize John_Cleese_Shoes_Resize

  • The more seasoned stars of Harry Potter are also doing well for the charity, with Bill Nighy’s shoes currently at 82 GBP and John Cleese’s auction at 56 GBP.

Many other stars have also donated signed shoes to this worthy cause, and you can view a full list of what’s for sale here. There are approximately six days remaining for all of the Potter-related auctions, so there’s plenty of time to bid if you are able to afford one of these neat pieces of memorabilia. Although the price range is probably a bit high for most fans, it’s still awesome to see how Harry Potter stars are using their fame to make a difference in the world!

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