December 12, 2013


when a Disillusionment charm is performed..does it work only the person on whom its being performed or on anything this he is holding or is in contact with at the moment of the charm being performed?

Dear writer,

In the future, you would do well to sign your letters. I hope this message finds you, because I don’t know who to address it too! Obviously the disillusionment charm does not automatically affect everything the person on whom the spell is cast is in contact with. If it did, then either inner clothing would become invisible but jackets and the like would not, or everything in contact with something else effected would have to turn invisible as well, including the floor the target is standing on! The default for this spell is that only the target becomes disillusioned. Skilled casters, however, can use the charm on multiple targets at once, including objects or clothing, by using more advanced wand work to specify the multiple targets. This creates the illusion that the spell automatically affects everything in contact with the target.

Professor Flitwick