Do You Hear What Harry Hears?

to the tune of “Do You Hear What I Hear?” by Regney/Baker

Said Harry Potter to his friend Ronald,
“Do you see what I see?
Pulling up the carriages to the school,
Do you see what I see?
A black thestral, walking in the night
With wings as big as a kite,
With wings as big as a kite.”

Said Harry Potter to Professor Lockhart,
“Do you hear what I hear?
Going through the pipes, and whispering,
Do you hear what I hear?
A voice, a voice, saying it must kill
Hermione says that it’s a Basilisk,
We must have very big plumbing.”

Said the Harry Potter to Professor Dumbledore,
“Do you know what I know?
In Hogwarts School, warm and safe
Do you know what I know?
A child, a child turned into Voldemort
Let us get the Dementors as friends,
Let us also get the Giants as friends.”

Said Harry Potter to the D.A. club,
“Listen to what I say!
Let’s all learn Dark Art’s defense spells
Listen to what I say!
Voldemort is lurking in the night
He will bring us darkness and fright,
Let us be ready for the fight.”

Submitted by: Jessica H.

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