Draco’s Theme

to the tune of “Gilligan’s Isle Theme” by Wyle/Schwartz

Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale,
A tale of a nasty git.
He tried to kill poor Dumbledore,
But Snape beat him to it.

Drake’s mates were stupid tag-alongs,
>Named Crabbe and Goyle, who…
If they had their nasty way,
Would turn Potter to goo.
Turn Potter to goo.

Well, S. Snape started to get rough,
Much to Draco’s transport.

He persecuted Gryffindors,
What a sour sport.
What a sour sport.

The two set off at the end of this
Sixth and near-final book,
With Voldemort,
Wormtail too,
Bellatrix and her sis,
No Lucius,
(He’s locked up with the rest,)
In the Prison of Azkaban.

Submitted by: Beth