Goodbye Cedric

to the tune of “Goodbye Earl” by The Dixie Chicks

Cedric Diggory was the Quidditch star
All through his Hogwarts days
So popular and handsome, too
And got some pretty dang good grades.
Then Dumbledore announced
This cool tournament
For students everywhere
Cedric looked all around that school
And decided he would be there.

Well, it just so happened
Voldy was rising again
And wanted Harry Potter’s blood
He got a Death Eater who would be a cheater
To beat some old guy into crud
The tournament began with Harry, Fleur, and Victor
To compete against Hufflepuff
But Crouch Junior was intent that Harry would win
And make the others look like fluff

But Harry was noble, and he and Cedric tied
Voldy did not plan for that
So he had Wormtail throw out an awful spell
For it didn’t take him long to decide
That Cedric had to die.

Goodbye Ced!
That big trophy,
It is really a port key, Ced
You look confused.
Well, this will sure make the news, Ced.
Now you’re gone.
That’s our murder song, Ced.

Wormtail came by to cut Harry up
Voldemort came back to life
The Death-eaters came and said
We believed in you, and we are ready for a fight.
Well, Voldly chewed them out
And swore some revenge
Then tried to kill Harry as well
But Priori Incatatem isn’t good
And again his evil plans failed.

Harry brought Cedric back,
Mentioned the attack,
Cedric’s Cho began to cry.
Hogwarts is in mourning
Here is this warning
Voldemort is evil, and why?
‘Cause Cedric had to die.

Goodbye Ced!
We miss you so!
The Hufflepuff hero, Ced!
It’s Harry’s fault!
He thinks, for your assault, Ced!
We will remember you,
Like Albus told us to!

Submitted by: Nixiy


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