Harry Potter (Kill Voldemort)

to the tune of “Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy)” by Big & Rich

Well, I walk into the room passin’ out hundreds of wands,
Because he kills and he thrills like the horns on Buckbeak’s head
I never seen anything that’s worse
Than that one single curse (Avada Kadavra)
This town ain’t never gonna be the same.

So I saddle up my broom and I fly into the city.
I make a lot of noise cause the town, it is so bloody.
Ridin’ up and down Hogwarts on my old stud Firebolt
And the school says “save Harry potter, kill Voldemort,”
And the school says “save Harry potter, kill Voldemort.”
Well, I don’t give a dang about nothing
I’m dreamin’ about Cho Chang
While the school is drinkin’ Butterbeer
And I wouldn’t trade my Firebolt for your Nimbus
Or your Cleansweep or Shooting Star
‘Cause, ah, my Firebolt is better!


Well, I’m a wizard, that’s what Hagrid said on the Dursley’s island
Now I’m 14 and got Triwizard winnings
But his evaluation of my wizard reputation
Had me buzzin’ lots of questions all night long
So I took Cho out doing charms
And introduced her to my old black dog
And taught her every single spell I know
We made love!


Submitted by: Jonathan O.