One Man Army

to the tune of “Seven Nation Army” by The White Stripes

I’m gonna fight him off.
Even Voldemort couldn’t hold me back.
I’m gonna rip them off,
Takin’ their [death eaters] masks from behind their backs.
And I’m screamin’ in the middle of the night,
Because I can’t forget,
That hall leadin’ to that door,
I just can’t open it.
And the message comin’ from my scar
Says, leave it alone.

Don’t want to hear about it,
I know Dumbledore’s got his story to tell.
Everyone knows about it,
From Professor Binns right to poor Neville
And my scar is hurtin’ every day,
Wish I could give it to you.
And that ain’t what you want to hear,
But that’s what I’ll do.
And these warnings coming from Sirius,
Tell me to clear my mind.

I’m gonna beat you all,
Far from this wimpy work from everyone.
I’m gonna teach you all [D.A.] Until everybody’s good and done.
And I’m screamin’ and I’m screamin’ and I’m screamin’
‘Cause I’m Voldemort,
And these words comin’ from my mouth,
This isn’t me anymore.
And the pains comin’ from my scar
Tell me to leave it alone.

Submitted by: Arielle