Slytherin Princess

Professor Snape,

Over the past few weeks, on numerous occasions, I have attempted to make a love potion. I am aware the effects of a love potion are not that of love, only obsession and lust. However, it is one potion I have aspired to perfect for many years but have unfortunately been successful. I am aware that a name you went by was “the half blood prince” and that in a textbook, during your youth, wrote tips and orders next to spells for them to be made easier, which Harry came across. I was hoping you would help me and give me the correct ingredients and instructions for a love potion as I have come across many different instructions.

Thank you for your time,

Yours sincerely,
Slytherin Princess.

Dear Slytherin Princess,

It is not meant for one to sway the heart of another by means of magic. It is a false control and in my opinion makes this uncomfortably close to the Imperius Curse.

While the effects are temporary, it’s still one of the most dangerous potions one can make. I did not write down additional instructions on that potion as it would have been tempting, even for me.

Try smiling. I don’t. But I am told it’s quite effective.

Professor Snape.