Spy of the Night

to the tune of “The Music of the Night” from The Phantom of the Opera

Nighttime sharpens, heightens each sensation
Darkness wakes and stirs imagination
Silently the senses add on to their defenses
But only Dumbledore is in my sight
For I am his loyal spy of the night

Slowly, gently, Albus talks in splendor
I grasp it, sense it, tremulous and tender
Hearing is believing, the Dark Lord’s deceiving,
Saying all the things I must recall,
For my job is most dang’rous of all.

Close your eyes,
For your eyes will only speak your mind
And your mind is what the Dark Lord shouldn’t see
In the dark, is it easy to pretend
That the truth is what it ought to be.

Softly, deftly, his soft words invade my mind,
That’s how I must protect my double role,
I must close my mind, In order to save mankind
In this darkness which he knows is hard to fight,
But I must fight as the spy of the night!

Block out thoughts,
Start a journey through my darkest dreams!
Leave all thoughts of the life I want to live,
Block out thoughts and let darkness let me see,
Only thoughts that will help set me free.

Floating, falling, dark intoxication
As a spy, I still hate each sensation
The darkness begins, my role as spy always wins
No comfort from this dark job is in sight,
Though not acknowledged, I will do what’s right!

To keep my life I must always fight,
Help me carry on and do what’s right.

Submitted by: Beth Martin