Studious Ravenclaw

December 12, 2013

Professor Flitwick,

I thoroughly enjoy your Charms class, and I wish to expand my knowledge on the subject. Can you recommend any extra reading or useful charms not taught in class? I cannot wait to further my knowledge on this subject.

Thank you in advance,
A Studious Ravenclaw

Dear A Studious Ravenclaw,

I am so pleased to hear that you found my class enjoyable. I cannot recommend that you pursue any charms not taught in class while you are a student, as accidents can happen when you attempt charms that you may not be prepared for. That said, there are plenty of books on charm theory in the library that go into more depth than what we are able to cover in class. Perhaps reading up on the theory of charms you already perform will increase your ability in the subject. It will certainly give you a head start on preparing for your written NEWTs if you intend to pursue charms in your career.

Professor Flitwick