The Boy Who Lived

to the tune of “Theme” from The Brady Bunch

Here’s a story, of a kid named Harry.
In Godric’s Hollow, he lived with mum and dad.
Until Lord Voldemort,
Came and killed ’em.
But not Harry, and he thought that he’d been had.

Here’s a story of a family, Dursley
Who brought up Harry most unwillingly.
They tried to make him normal,
Like a Muggle.
But that would never be.

In the middle of the night during a storm,
Hagrid found them on an island where they hid.
And he told Harry that he,
Was a wizard.
And how he came to be The Boy Who Lived.

The Boy Who Lived.
The Boy Who Lived.
How he came to be,
The Boy Who Lived!

Submitted by: Tabitha