The Dark Lord

to the tune of “1985” by Bowling for Soup

Harry just hit the wall
Never had it all
His cousin is a pig
And all his family is dead
He dreams about a door
All thanks to Voldemort.
He was born to stop him
So where is his plan?

He was going to save the wizards
He was going to pass the NEWTS
He was going to save them all
From mighty Voldemort.
Voldemort is his arch-enemy
Looks back in time
And sees that nothing has been alright

Since he started Hogwarts
Everything’s a problem
With Ron and Hermione
Helping him along the way
The Slytherins, in the school, all tell him that he’s uncool
But he is preoccupied
With the, with the, with the Dark Lord.

The Dark Lord

He’s heard all the prophecies
He knows every line
From the one when he was born
Even Voldemort’s
Hes been knocked out, wham
Not a big Voldemort fan
Thought he’d get a hand
From Dumbledore

Where’s his Firebolt
Made of mahogany?
And whose idea was it, to make him the start of the prophet?
When did he become, the Chosen One?


He hates his scar
It hurts him
When did Voldemort get inside his head
And did Ron become a keeper
Please make this stop, stop
So he can understand.


Submitted by: Adellanira

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