They Will Survive

to the tune of “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor

Weasley was afraid
Granger was petrified
And everybody knows
That Ginny could have died
If Potter wasn’t brave
And gone down in that cave
She would have died
But she is still alive
Yes now she’s safe
And out of there
Tom Riddle’s memory is gone
And no one seems to care
Lockhart stole Ron’s broken wand
And he wasn’t very kind
But that spell backfired on him
And now he’s lost his mind

Now Granger’s back, from her snake attack
And Dobby can be seen
Hiding behind Mr. Malfoy’s back
Wasn’t he the one who tried to help Harry this time
Potter didn’t see that
He should be punished for this crime
Now Dobby’s free
Thanks to Harry
And everyone can see
He’s as happy as can be
For all his pain and strife
Trying to save poor Harry’s life
He was set free
Yes, now he’s free (Yay Yay)

It took all the strength Ginny had
Not to fall apart
Thinking she would get expelled
And break her mother’s heart
She’d spent oh-so-many nights
Wondering where the hell she’d been
She used to cry
When she saw those horrid scenes
That Mudblood there
Lying on the floor
But he had not died like
Moaning Myrtle did before
She had died so long ago
But her soul was never free
She stays at Hogwarts School
Haunting the girls’ lavatory

Go on now, go, walk out the door
If you turn around now
You will see Dumbledore
Wasn’t he the one who was suspended from the school
But now he’s back
That crazy old fool
We’re all alive
We will survive
As long as we’ve got each other
We know we’ll stay alive
We’ve got all our lives to live
And lots of magic to give
So we’ll survive
We will survive (Oh oh)

Submitted by: Bonnie