Twinkle Spells

to the tune of “Jingle Bells” by James Pierpont

Twinkle, spells! Twinkle, spells!
Keep those ghouls at bay.
O Expect-to-Patronise,
Those Demented dopes today. Hey!

Twinkle, spells! Twinkle, spells!
Prongs will make them quake.
Even though they’re cold as ice,
It won’t be us who will shake.

Magic ghouls, they flow.
Hunting Sirius as their prey.
Opaque shield shall go,
Dash them all away! Ha ha ha!

Hellions soul-sucking,
Making Sirius white.
Now Potter sends his stag prancing.
His buck bucks them. Hooray!

O, Twinkle, spells! Twinkle, spells!
Make those suckers pay.
Soon they’ll run and soon they’ll hide,
Simply because hope prevails!

Submitted by: Jake A. Ralphing

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