Warner Bros. and Whimsic Alley settle lawsuit

Whimsic Alley, the Harry Potter-themed store in Los Angeles, has settled its lawsuit with Warner Bros. after being sued for trademark infringement in March. Store owner Stanley Goldin told the Los Angeles Times that the settlement will allow the store to remain open. Whimsic Alley, which offered Potter-themed parties, events, and products, has been a fan favorite since its opening in 2004. Fans feared the store would have to close its doors after this lawsuit followed a similar legal issue in 2004 between the store and the production company.

Goldin told the Los Angeles Times that they would have to “make some changes that I can’t elaborate on because of confidentiality. However, I feel the changes will only strengthen us.”

Public legal filings show that the case was dismissed after November 21, 2013, after both parties agreed to a settlement that prohibits Whimsic Alley from displaying any Harry Potter trademarks in store or online, selling unlicensed Potter wares, and offering Harry Potter-themed services such as parties or day camps in its Great Hall. The store, however, will be allowed to sell licensed Harry Potter merchandise and other wizard themed merchandise that is not related to the Potter universe.

Goldin told the Los Angeles Times that the store would expand to sell products associated with other fantasy and science-fiction franchises such as Game of Thrones and Doctor Who. “Whimsic Alley is here to stay and will continue to be the top fandom oriented store in Los Angeles,” he said.

Are you happy to hear that Whimsic Alley will remain open?