Weasley sweaters are now available to purchase at WB Studio Tour London

This past Thursday, MuggleNet reported that the wool for the Weasley sweaters would be made at New Lanark Mill, located in southern Scotland, but no details had been released regarding when the sweaters would be ready to buy.

We have now received confirmation by Lochaven International that the sweaters are now on sale at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter with two design selections: an “H” for “Harry” and an “R” for “Ron.”

From Lochaven:

We can confirm that Lochaven is the company [that] has placed the contract on New Lanark Mill to supply the authentic wool to make the Weasley sweaters.

New Lanark Mill made the original wool [that] was used to hand knit the garments worn by Harry and the Weasley children in the films.

Lochaven was asked by Warner Bros. to create an exact replica of the Weasley sweaters for sale at the Leavesden Studios Making of Harry Potter Tour.

We were very lucky to discover that New Lanark Mill made the original lambswool and silk yarn and [that] they have now recreated it for us to knit with.

The “R” for “Ron” and “H” for “Harry” Weasley sweaters have just gone on sale at Leavesden Studios, where the original sweaters are on display. They may become available from other places later this year if they become popular enough.

What are your thoughts on these designs? Will they become a part of your wardrobe? Let us know in the comments below.

Special thanks to Cory F. of Gazette du Sorcier.