Zodiac Signs in the Wizarding World

J.K. Rowling has openly admitted to the influence of astrological signs in interviews. While Jo has a birthday of July 31 (identical to that of her protagonist, making them both associated with the Leo sign), her characters have a wide variety of birthdays in order to highlight their individual personalities.



Professor Lockhart – January 26

Lockhart, like many Aquarius men, is somewhat unemotional in terms of the ethics of his actions in Chamber of Secrets. He also has an independent personality, as shown by the fact that he is single despite the number of female fans (who would all be very pleased to date him).

Lily Evans – January 31

The Aquarius sign is famous for being extremely witty and clever, and (as we have seen in many of the Marauder flashbacks throughout the books) Lily is absolutely quick-witted. People with this sign enjoy having their minds stimulated by means of deep conversations or playful arguments; her friendship with Severus during their childhood was built upon communication, and her relationship with James formed from clever back-and-forths during their rivalry in their first years at Hogwarts. This sign is extremely giving and willing to stand up for friends and family. She clearly stood up to protect Harry from Lord Voldemort (leading to her death) and protected Severus from bullies while they were friends.

Arthur Weasley – February 6

Another positive trait of the Aquarius sign is its humanitarianism. Due to his works in Muggle/wizard relations, he could be considered to be a humanitarian in a way. Also, like Lily, he is family-oriented and willing to go to drastic measures in order to protect Molly and his children.



Ron Weasley – March 1

Ron’s Pisces zodiac sign suits him well as he is portrayed in the books and movies. When it comes to schoolwork, he is on the lazy side, and he seems to be oversensitive when it comes to women and being seen as second-best to Harry.

Remus Lupin – March 10

A typical Pisces has a quality of escapism. Although it is not his choice, Lupin is forced to isolate himself during his transformations into a werewolf. Rowling may have kept this trait in mind while deciding his birthday.



James Potter – March 27

Aries men are known for being self-involved, as readers saw in flashbacks to the Marauders’ time in Hogwarts. Although he is egotistical, James is also extremely courageous and enthusiastic, as Aries men tend to be.

Fred and George Weasley – April 1

Most Aries men are known for being the life of the party. Fred and George are optimistic and fun-loving but also tend to be a bit impulsive. I think Rowling’s placement of their birthdays on April Fools’ Day is an excellent added touch.



Lavender Brown – May 2

Particularly during Half-Blood Prince, a majority of Lavender’s time is spent wooing Ron; this shows the Taurus quality of persistence because she is not willing to give up on their relationship even when he loses interest. Along with this, she is possessive of Ron and jealous of any interaction that he has with Hermione. In relationships, Tauruses are openly affectionate, high-tempered, and very sensitive; this defines Lavender’s experience with Ron in a nutshell.



Draco Malfoy – June 5

Due to the fact that Gemini represents “twins,” Draco’s sign fits him very well since he is made up of both light and dark elements that influence his actions throughout the books.

Sirius Black – June 18

Like Draco, Sirius Black has two sides to him; he is a caring friend and guardian to Harry, yet he is an on-the-run “convict” with a dark past. This aspect of his personality also represents the “twins” well, along with the fact that he had to spend much of his time incognito as a dog, his second self.



Dobby – June 28

Not only do many people depend on Cancers, but Cancers depend on others. Because he was a slave for many years, he was forced to depend on the Malfoy family. However, after his freedom, he comes to Harry’s rescue several times, causing the trio to depend on him as well.



Neville Longbottom – July 30

Neville’s loyalty is a particular trait that marks his fitting placement as a Leo. He stands by his friends during the war, risking his life on several occasions.

Harry Potter – July 31

Harry is a celebrity. Leos tends to love the spotlight; though Harry is sometimes bothered by all the attention he receives, part of him enjoys his stardom.

Ginny Weasley – August 11

Ginny is another character who is loyal, but she is also extremely straightforward. When she wants something, she goes for it. Like Ginny, most Leos are quite daring and speak candidly.



Hermione Granger – September 19

Like Hermione Granger herself, Virgos are extremely analytical, factual, and observant. They are also prudent and brimming with knowledge. Sounds like Hermione? I think so.



Professor McGonagall – October 4

The symbol of the Libra is the balancing scale. Libras have both a sense of strictness and a sense of leniency. Professor McGonagall is strict when it comes to classes and behavior, but she is also willing to break some of the rules when it comes to the safety of her students and friends.



Molly Weasley – October 30

Not only are Scorpios known for being extremely passionate individuals, but they are also very resourceful. Molly’s care for her family and Harry is debatably stronger than any of the other mothers in the series. Also, her use of magic around the house is very practical; she uses her magic wisely.



Hagrid – December 6

Sagittarius men are known for being very independent people. Although Hagrid enjoys the company of his friends, he also enjoys being alone with his creatures. Kindness, optimism, and likability are all qualities of a typical Sagittarius, and because Rowling wrote him as one of the most likable characters, he fits this sign perfectly.



Tom Riddle – December 31

Of all of the signs for Tom Riddle to fit into, Capricorn is definitely the most similar to his personality. Capricorns have ambitious natures, as Riddle did during his years at Hogwarts, placed into Slytherin house. Dictators are most likely to be Capricorns due to this nature; Voldemort’s attempts to take over the wizarding world truly compare to those of real-life dictators that we have experienced in the past around the world.


The birthdays and personalities of these characters are not an accident; they are correlated. Although this is mostly in terms of speculation, these coincidences seem to be planned out extensively by Rowling, an author known for her symbolism and attention to detail (for example, the spacing of Tom Riddle’s birthday and Harry’s birthday). Rowling’s specificity intrigues fans and will continue to persuade them to think critically about her works in the time to come.


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