18 Signs That You Are the Ron Weasley of Your Friend Group

Let’s be honest. You may not be the Chosen One or the Brightest Witch of Your Age, but where does that leave you? You might be a Ron, a title that may not sound as glamorous as the former two, but that is still pretty terrific. Without further ado, here are 18 signs that you are the Ron of your circle of friends:

1. You find yourself in trouble all the time.




2. You’re the life of the party.



3. You would much rather follow the butterflies.



4. Your class assignments usually end up like this.



5. You just really like eating.



6. I mean, really enjoy eating.



7. A lot.



8. Have I already mentioned that you love to eat?



9. You’re used to sibling rivalry.



10. You are the ideal wingman.



11. Awkward situations are your forte.



12. You aren’t the smoothest when it comes to conversing with your crush.



13. But it will all work out when you find your own Hermione.



14. Sometimes things can be hard…



15. But friendship means everything to you.



16: And things may not always work in your favor…



17. But you’re Ron Weasley…



18. And you’re the best.




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