483 ½ Wizolympics – Day 11 Update: Cliff Stunning Final Round

Hello again, witches and wizards! I know you’re all anxious to find out who will walk away with the gold medal for this year’s Cliff Stunning. We saw some excellent techniques from the qualifying round earlier today, and Russia and Ireland will be given another opportunity to demonstrate their skill. Although a little sore, all bones have been mended in the hours in between rounds, and our Wizolympians are eager to begin.  And here they come.

The Wizolympic Committee would once again like to thank Malcolm Birtwhistle for being our official Stunner and for keeping the jinxes consistent on all the competitors thus far. There have been no alterations or additions to the cliff. Pricker and thorn bushes, as well as the jagged rocks on the way down and at the water’s edge, still pose a threat to the finalists.

First up on the ledge of the cliff face we have Krozlov. He takes his position, and Birtwhistle administers the Stunning Spell. Seems to be falling quite unopposed. Almost at the water. Ooh, snagged one of the last thorn bushes before he manages to roll into the water. He’s going to lose points for that. 7.5. Not too bad.

Next is Ivonov. He seems to be choosing to fall backwards. That’s not at all disastrous. There he goes. Like I said, the choice to fall backwards, not the best idea. His back arched too much, and he almost did a full flip before smacking face first on the third outcropping down. That’s gonna hurt. He topples off of the outcropping and lands on a pricker bush, crushing it. It looks like a couple prickers have stuck to him, but he makes it to the water as well. A score of 6. Russia is not off to a good start.

Pajari takes his mark. Down he goes. Doing pretty well. His body is actually remaining straight, but the strap of his swimsuit has gotten him stuck on one of the many bushes. No score is given for his inability to reach the water. This could be pretty devastating for Russia.

Hoping to make a turn around, Dominika Volkova steps up. She nods her head at Birtwhistle. She started to lean forward before the spell was given, but it seems to have worked in her favor. She’s gracefully falling to the water. Just about there. Amazing! She hit the water, only whacking her leg on one of the last large rocks. The judges have given her a 9. Now it’s Ireland’s turn.

Starting for the Irish is Declan Brady, who did exceptionally well in the qualifying round. He’s been stunned and is beginning his descent. One rock. Two rocks. Thorn bush. Water. Ooh, not as good as the first fall. What’s that say? Is that a 7? It is. Brady has earned a score of 7.

Here comes Kaitlyn MacGuire. “Stupefy!” Her body drops off the edge and immediately hits one of her arms on the outcropping six feet below. It’s hanging pretty limp, most likely broken. Or was broken and Gilderoy Lockhart tried to fix it. Haha! Oh, sorry. Unnecessary. MacGuire’s hair was stuck on the pricker bush, but it pulled free, allowing her to get to the water. She’s rewarded with an… 8.

Brian Callaghan gets set. Stunned. And he’s done. He’s fallen on the same outcropping MacGuire hit a few moments ago. He will not receive a score either. Brianne O’Donoghue needs at least an 8 take the gold home to Ireland.

There she goes… and goes… and goes! She’s missing every obstacle on the way down. Only a few more feet until the water. Still hasn’t hit anything.


That was a perfect fall. It seems the judges agree. She’s earned a perfect score! A 10! Ireland wins the gold medal, and Russia will take home the silver. That’s it for me, everyone. Good night!

-Arabella Featherman, Daily Prophet reporter