483 ½ Wizolympics – Day 2 Update: Dragon Wrangling Final Round

This year’s Dragon Wrangling has no signs of decreasing in excitement. Christopher Drake gave some great effort, but unfortunately, the Swedish Short-Snout got distracted by the Horntail’s roar and squished both of Drake’s arms, removing his ability to hold a wand. He was immediately disqualified, and the mediwizards rushed him off the field. Maybe next time he’ll use a more appropriate spell instead of a Cheering Charm. If you’re trying to make a name for yourself in this sport, this was not the way to do it.

Petre Cojocaru is getting a bit too cocky. The blonde witch in the front row of the stands is now blowing him kisses, and he’s giving her quite a show. It seems he’s abandoned all efforts of actually wrangling his dragon and is treating it more like a bull – he has removed his cloak, and is waving it in front of him. The Horntail is getting frustrated. He might want to be careful of… oh, wait! It appears while he had his back turned to flirt with the witch, the Horntail let out a wall of flame and set Cojocaru on fire. He is screaming and running frantically around the field. Use your wand, man!

Hornsby is still attempting to levitate herself onto her dragon. Scratch that. She is firmly back on the ground and is circling her dragon. She appears to be contemplating. Holy Hippogriffs! She’s cast the Seize and Pull Charm! She’s pulling the dragon toward her, but that Ridgeback is not going without a fight. We’ll get back them shortly.

Huo and Yankov have also been disqualified, with Huo giving up, annoyed that he wasn’t paired with the Chinese Fireball, and Yankov apparently having sneaked in an invisibility cloak. Were you not aware of the rules? I would hate to have to go back to my country in shame.

Stolypin of Russia is doing an excellent job of bewitching his dragon. He has administered the Confundus Charm and has successfully mounted the back of the Welsh Green. But I’m afraid he might have cast too good a Confundus Charm. The dragon is swaying dangerously, and his eyes are rolling around his skull. Stolypin keeps shouting at the dragon, but it is unable to hear him. This could spell disaster for Russia if he can’t get the dragon around the required lap of the arena.

I’ve just been told that Cojocaru of Romania has been removed from the field and is being treated for some serious burns.

Would you look at that! Hornsby has forced the Ridgeback’s head to the ground and is mounting him as we speak. Oh! And it looks as if Stolypin has finally managed to rouse his Welsh Green into motion. And around the arena they go! It’s down to Russia and the UK, and this is going to be a close one. What’s this? The Hungarian Horntail has broken free of his trainers and is flying behind both competitors, blowing fire. OH! That was a close one. Hornsby has thrown off her cloak, which has caught fire. They’re almost at the end. Who is it going to be? The Horntail has just collided with Stolypin and his dragon, knocking them off course.

Mollie Hornsby has done it! The UK wins the gold! There’s going to be a lot of Butterbeers consumed tonight, everyone. Well done.  Well done, indeed!

~Arabella Featherman, Daily Prophet reporter