483 ½ Wizolympics – Day 13 Update: Wizard Curling Final Round

The roaring of spectators could be heard from across Russia from Firebird Stadium this afternoon as the Swedish and Canadian teams faced off in the final round of Wizard Curling. Fans say that it was one of the most thrilling matches that they had ever seen.

Since Canada has won the gold medal in Wizard Curling for the past eight years, Swedish fans were not taken aback when Canadian curler Aimee Ouellette delivered three flawless throws directly into the tee within the first six minutes.

“Never have I seen such exceptional talent,” revealed British Wizard Curling expert Cecil Boulstridge when asked about Ouellette’s impressive performance. “I must contact her agent. If only we had more players like her on the British team…”

It looked like it would be an effortless win for Canada until the Swedish team had a burst of triumph halfway through the match. In a fast string of events, Swedish skip Jonas Lundgren  gave impeccable shots, his teammates following suit, resulting in a tied score and some hysterical Swedish supporters.

From this point on, the match was nothing but suspense. Will Sweden pull through? Or will this be Canada’s ninth consecutive year of victory? Finally, Sweden broke the tie in the last four minutes of the match, winning 8-7 and the gold, beating Canada’s nine-year winning streak and leaving their fans crying out with joy.

“WE DID IT! WE REALLY, TRULY WON THE GOLD!”* cried Asgard Pettersson, former Beater on the Nordic National Quidditch team. He then led a cheer of “Gå Sverige! Gå Sverige!” which translates to “Go Sweden!”

The teams shook hands, and the Swedish team went to greet their fans and celebrate. The staff at the Daily Prophet was fortunate enough to get a quick word with members of the Canadian team.

“Of course we’re disappointed, but we played well and have our own share of medals at home,” said Canada’s vice-skip, Jeremy Roy. “We still consider this match something to be proud of.”

Aimee Ouellette added, “I’m just thankful that we got this far. Uh, I have to go now,” she said as Boulstridge came running, asking for an autograph.

Today’s Wizard Curling match ended in a terrific feat for Sweden and some thrilled Swedish spectators. No matter what team you were supporting, this memorable match had everyone on the edge of their seats until the end and thoroughly surprised viewers with Sweden’s comeback in the remaining minutes. Here at the Prophet, we congratulate all of our Swedish readers and thank all of the teams involved in the Wizard Curling tournament for making it such an enjoyable and noteworthy event.


-Cornelia Emerald, Daily Prophet reporter

*Translated from Swedish.


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