483 ½ Wizolympics – Day 6 Update: Yeti Toss Final Round

After an exciting but not unsurprising qualifying round this morning, five countries advanced to the final round of the Yeti Toss: Iceland, Nepal, Norway, Russia, and the US.

The finals began with Iris Einarsson landing head first in a pile of snow after being tossed 63.48 meters. As Wizolympic officials helped dig Einarsson out of the snow, Adam Whitney chose his yeti. Once the arena was cleared, Whitney and his yeti prepared for the toss. Then scandal broke out in the Snowdome. Whitney landed neatly at 73.21 meters, and accusations of cheating immediately began to fly. The Russian coach approached the judges, claiming Whitney had used wandless magic to propel himself further while in flight.

Acclaimed Potions Master Horace Slughorn was in the audience and was able to provide Veritaserum to administer to Whitney. Under the effects of the potion, Whitney confessed to using wandless magic, thus breaking the rules  and being disqualified from competition. Members of the International Wizolympic Committee have assured this reporter that there will be an investigation into Whitney’s past wins.

I approached the former professor after the event for a comment. “It was quite shocking,” said Slughorn. “Very disappointing from such a well-known figure in the world of Yeti Tossing. But I always had a feeling that something wasn’t quite right with him; that is why I never invited him to any of my dinner parties, you see.”

With Whitney removed, the competition continued. Norwegian supporters were disappointed when Aksel Spets was tossed just 57.76 meters. The night ended with Shreya Rana (Nepal) soaring past the others to win gold with a toss of 67.63 meters.

When all was said and done, the gold medal was awarded to Shreya Rana (Nepal), silver to Olga Skobreva (Russia), and bronze to Iris Einarsson (Iceland).

-Reporting from Sochi, Russia

Penelope Flume