483 1/2 Wizolympics – Day 9 Update: Wizard Ice Fishing Final Round

After a confusing start and some faulty charms this morning, the Wizard Ice Fishing qualifying round ended with the United States eliminated and the other six teams advancing to the finals.

The final round began with excitement as Viktor Krum, famous Bulgarian Seeker and ice fisher, took an early lead, hooking an impressive 30-pound ice fish in just the first 15 minutes. Krum’s family and friends were seen cheering wildly in the stands along with the rest of Bulgaria’s supporters.

Disappointment soon followed for the American team when Jennifer Jones fell into the freezing cold water and had to be taken from the event to the medical tent for treatment. This reporter was able to get an exclusive interview with her as she continued to warm up after the event. Wrapped in a warming blanket, Jones described just what happened out on the ice.

“I had a fish on my line, and as I was reeling it in it gave a mighty yank, and I lost my balance and tumbled right in. It all happened so fast, and the next thing I knew I was so cold I couldn’t breath. I’m sorry to have let my team down.”

As the final round drew to a close it seemed that Krum would take the gold when, suddenly, Australian Jason Queensbury let out a yell and began to reel something in. After a minute of struggling, it seemed Queensbury might lose his catch, but with five minutes left on the clock, Queensbury rallied his strength and pulled a whopping 37-pound fish from the water not only guaranteeing a gold medal for Australia but also setting a new Wizard Ice Fishing record.

At the end of the hour the Wizard Ice Fishing competition finished with the gold going to Jason Queensbury (Australia), silver to Victor Krum (Bulgaria), and bronze to Li Na (China).

When approached after the medal ceremony, Krum commented on his achievement:

“While I hoped for a gold medal, I am proud to have won a silver medal for Bulgaria, and congratulations to Jason Queensbury and Australia for an excellent catch.”

Reporting from Sochi, Russia,

-Penelope Flume, Daily Prophet reporter