Alarm Clock Boggart

Dear Professor Lupin,

I was wondering if you could tell me a few tips on facing Boggarts. My Boggart takes the shape of an alarm clock that slowly ticks, and I am having trouble making that ‘funny’ enough.

Thanks a million,


Dear Willow,

If your alarm clock ticks slower, might I suggest increasing the speed? Perhaps beyond what the clock can handle until, of course, the alarm sounds! Once this occurs, you can choose which amusing totem sprouts from within, much like a large cuckoo clock. If the object within is larger than the object itself, the clock has become the other object entirely.

Alternately, you could match the ticking of the clock to the beat of your favorite song, and then dance along with it. Any Boggart attempting to scare will not expect your cool gyrations.

Remus Lupin.