CC #380: Week of February 23, 2014

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Boy: This is *inaudible* – over.
Radio: Who?
Boy: This is… Hogwarts calling.
Radio: Sorry, who’s this?
Boy: Er – I don’t know. Seriously, who am I?

Nigel: ‘I have a line in this movie, I repeat, I have a line! And now it’s over…’

Nigel: ‘I’ve just deciphered what it says behind me. It says, watch an all-new Ally McBeal tonight at 8/9c. Blimey… how old is this board?’

‘Someone save me. Neville wants me to take care of his plants!’

Boy: ‘Would you like fries with that?’

Nigel: *Talking in code* Lightning has struck, I repeat, lightning has struck!
Harry: All right!
Nigel: And the library book has been returned!
Hermione: I take it that’s me.
Nigel: We’ve also gotten the ugly, red-headed rag doll back!
Ron: Hey, wait a minute!

Nigel: ‘We have monsters everywhere, giant spiders. Even ogres. Please, if Scooby Doo and Mystery Inc. can hear us. Help us.’

Intercom: ‘Professor Sprout. Please come and fetch your… Well… we don’t know what to call it here. Let’s say, your plant with warts on it.’

His invention worked, but Nigel just couldn’t find anyone who wanted a Human Breath-Powered Mega Lightbulb.

Boy: ‘Day 134 in the Room of Requirement. I’ve pricked myself on the Mimbulus Mimbletonia again. It caused a row because Neville refused to get rid of it. 3 people were killed as a result. Our stash of Cauldron Cakes is running low. The end is nigh.’





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